Learning to Read and Write Kanji Row 25

As with other posts in this series, this is the results of a test I took today, July 27th, 2021.

kanji test row 25

消 洗 昼 集 便 首 狭 用 価 束 動 面 産 題 賃 実 広 切 転 交 次 問 守 有 運

I got 8 wrong, 4 of which were this row (68%). Why am I considering this test done? As usual I can complete it tomorrow. I drew slightly incorrectly. At least I was drawing the right kanji this time, type 2. 便 I drew two strokes wrong so I count that as correct, the shape is correct enough to communicate. I had learned but forgot today (type 4, forgetting a word a day later). I confused with it's synonym . I forgot but drew correctly before (type 4). I forgot (type 3). I forgot the English and didn't realize that there was one missing. I have written it correctly in previous tests, so it's type 4. I almost drew correctly but knew I got it wrong (type 2). I drew which is pretty close to a synonym (type 1). I was thinking about 有 as a possible solution. I cheated on which is silly but I'm counting it as right. I didn't remember the English because of the way kanjidic works. I remember 転 as turn, but the English in kanjidic is {revolve} {turn around} {change}. These three translations are ambiguous, but should have triggered my memory but failed.

How did the low row tests go? Awful. I decided to stop doing them yesterday to avoid losing my mind. That means there are a few tests. Only one of them went well enough to consider so it's recorded below. I forgot the top and bottom of 着 (type 2), I made a substantial mistake in the shape of 道 (type 2). I made a fairly substantial mistake in 写 (type 2). I forgot the crown in 帰.

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