Learning to Read and Write Kanji Row 7

I've been learning Japanese again. This is looking like it's going to be a series where I show my progress (see the bottom of the post for previous episodes). To show my progress, see the test below and the list of kanji is available below as well.

Kanji test row 7

何 京 上 黒 朝 晩 次 明 東 英 週 名 川 忙 土 村 百 毎 友 私 電 早 大 寺

As with the previous row, most of these are from row 7 and some of them are from earlier rows. I did 100% today and so I decided to move on despite being more than a week ahead. I am excited to get back to my previously held best which was 163 kanji. Counting up to row 7 I am currently at 98 for sure. Looking at row 8-21 (the last row which corresponds to lesson 21 of the MIT OCW Japanese classes) I probably know how to read and write 130 kanji. But I won't know because I have better things to do. Then when I pass row 10 (Row 10 corresponds to 139 kanji) the data will be obsolete.

I'll hopefully post all tests as I pass them. So far it's been quite efficient and has improved my outlook on this project as an actual long-term valuable skill I can use.

Previous episodes:
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Javantea out.


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