Spanish vocabulary building

June 17, 2023

A small project I'm current working on has started, so I thought I'd make a short blog about it.

Let's say that someone made a deck of flash cards for SRS. Assuming you want to use the SRS, you can load the deck and let the software do the work. But what if you don't want to use the SRS?

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Skip Duolingo

Skipping levels in Duolingo after you've already done the test that places you in the level it thinks you should go is quite easy. With three steps and a bit of skill in the language you're learning (or some cheating) you can increase the difficulty of Duolingo to an absurd level.

Step 1: Scroll down the tree and click "Jump Here?"

Duolingo skip step 1

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Portuguese Words

pt_words-0.1.tgz [sig]
git clone

Today I release a simple Sunday script building on the distant past. How do you sort a list of words in a language you're learning? The easiest order is the order you originally wrote them down in. The second easiest (and probably one of the best orderings) is random. Random ordering removes biases that a human put in and biases the list to another order. If you order your list randomly each time you read from it, you can remove bias.

This is how I ended up trying to learn kanji last year. It didn't go so well. What's wrong with random ordering of a list of words? It provides a test of one's memory. As my memory is not great, the random ordering does not actually solve the problem of memorization. So how does one memorize words? I had quite a bit of success with WaniKani this winter. I learned 85 kanji (that I had already learned on my own) and 184 words based on those kanji in a few months. What does WaniKani do that I didn't do? 1) WaniKani is an SRS. 2) WaniKani has experts to come up with a good set of data about kanji and vocabulary to cement the meaning and readings.

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Learning to Read and Write Kanji Repeat Row 1

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As with other posts in this series, this is the results of a test I took today, Thursday, Aug 26th, 2021.

kanji test repeat row 1

糸 落 晴 念 存 習 降 価 符 服 頼 通 係 替 頂 好 買 和 橋 易 方 寂 相 力 離

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