Learning to Read and Write Kanji Row 5

I've been learning Japanese again. Along with youtube videos, anime, manga, visual novels, I've been using the same idea I came up with long ago to strengthen my kanji. I wrote some new software pretty quickly (which I intend to publish in the near future) and have gotten past Row 5. To show my progress, see the test below and the list of kanji is available below as well.

Kanji test

校 今 英 屋 下 左 新 入 紙 川 手 作 語 五 聞 食 買 六 方 古 本 名 車 書

What do these kanji have in common? 14 are from row 5 of my kanji list (a list made from a very old MIT Japanese OCW lesson) and the rest are from rows (1-4). This way the test is able to judge fairly well whether I am actually remembering how to draw the kanji or whether I am just remembering an exact order of strokes.

I've planned to do a row a week and I'll hopefully post tests as I pass them.

If you look closely, one of the kanji is missing a stroke. When I noticed, I said in IRC: "anyone who saw it knows what it is" and "this is about communication, not calligraphy".

If you're wondering why I'm still learning Japanese, it's because I'm more confident than ever that I will soon be able to read 銃夢 in its original language. That manga still blows my mind after 24 years.

Javantea out.


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