by Javantea
Aug 25, 2011

Saturday Aug 27th 9PM

The past week and a half I have been having a bit of fun. I've been planning a party with music and guests. It isn't easy but it isn't exactly rocket science. Getting musicians to play requires advance notice usually and as time goes on fewer and fewer people are available. Fans as well require advance notice and getting the word out is not a trivial task. I mean, if a person wants me to go to their show they practically have to e-mail me on a day when I want to go. Alas that doesn't always work either. NWTekno was a great place to find events and sometimes still is but lacks tons of shows that simply don't post their show. In fact the show linked above simply will not be posted there.

Moreover, sound is an important element to any party. Going to Guitar Center and buying $700 of sound gear will give you decent sound but have you heard of their 15% return policy? If you play 2 shows before you return the gear, $700 * %15 / 2 = $52.5 per show. Of course Guitar Center probably doesn't want you to do that. Don't let anyone spill any beer or blow your speaker.

It's been a busy week and a half. Not because there's a lot of work to do to setup a party, it's actually really easy. The thing is that if you're busy with work and then have to deal with even one thing that is ridiculously inconvenient (DMV is a good example, open 8:30am-4pm wtf?) it wrecks the rest of your week. If someone has a solution to this dilemma let me know. It seems like 3 months of my year is tied up in first world problems.

Anyway, back to work. See you all at the party hopefully. Javantea Out.


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