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by Javantea
Sept 24, 2013

My friend Colin and I went to EMP this morning. We both became members at the dual price. We went and played a jam. I played a real drumset for the first time in my life. I've been practicing on my electronic drums for years but this was my first real drum set. I'm a natural. It's just like playing electronic drums but you have to play as lightly as possible in order to not hurt your ears. I didn't get a recording of my first playing (that would have been cool) but I got two recordings of Colin and I playing. They charge $6 to burn a CD with your 10 minute jam on it. If you bring a recorder, you don't get the beautiful mixed version, but it is a cheap way to get that beautiful sound.

Below are download links of the awesome recording.

You can tell that we haven't practiced together, so we go out of rhythm over and over, but I'm impressed that we were in rhythm at all. It shows how much our practice has made us into musicians. I plan on going every week or two to keep my acoustic skills improving and to gather some good samples. We'll see how well I do.

So the question of should I get a drum set is settled, right? I was thinking about getting a drumset and using pads to mute it, but if you think about it, you are limited to a certain set of sounds from an acoustic drumset. Electronic drums have the weakness of latency, but they do not lack samples. A composer can record drums live, then do a million things to them in post creating something completely different from what was originally played. That's my ambition. Of course I'd love to play in a rock band with an acoustic set and paint the town red, but when there are so many better drummers, shouldn't I spend more time differentiating myself as a composer? How many good composers out there have the perspective that I do?

So say you download the FLAC and you think, "I want the MP3 and the Ogg too, how do I do that?" If you're running Linux and you have LAME, FLAC, and Vorbis-tools, you can run the following:

flac -d -c ~/music/NoBackup/Javantea_Discord_Jam1.flac | lame --preset standard - ~/music/NoBackup/Javantea_Discord_Jam1.mp3
flac -d -c ~/music/NoBackup/Javantea_Discord_Jam1.flac | oggenc -q 8 -o ~/music/NoBackup/Javantea_Discord_Jam1.ogg -
Note the dash at the end of the second line.

Javantea out.

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