Brasil and New York

by Javantea
Jan 17, 2013

I'm in Brasil now. I already posted a blog on my Brasil blog.

Short story time. Twitter doesn't work in the subway and I didn't want to write interesting stuff to Twitter after it ate a message, so here are a few notes about Tuesday night in New York.

Last night a magician did his act on the E train. He had a lot of skill and could have robbed us all but instead he entertained us. NYC

Last night I listened to a very skilled sax player play a few songs north of Times Square on Broadway. He played "Singing in the Rain" and "Here Comes That Rainy Day". He loves NYC. So do I.

If you go to Bryant Park, you will find the New York Public Library, which is cool for book nerds and sculpture nerds. On the opposite corner, you'll find Nicola Telsa Corner, which is cool for electronics nerds. Next to Nicola Tesla Corner is a statue of the Patriarch of Brazilian Independence, José Bonifacio de Andrada e Silva, which is cool for Brazil nerds. Down the other way from Nicola Tesla Corner is a plaque which is a quote from Wendell L Willkie who was the Republican presidential candidate in 1940 (4 years before his death). The quote is:

"I believe in America
because in it we are free --
free to choose our government
to speak our minds
to observe our
different religions"
On the Indiana statehouse, the quote continues:
because we hate no people and covet no peoples land
because we have great dreams and because we have the
opportunity to make those dreams come true.
Brilliant, no? He lost the presidential race to none other than FDR.

Anyway, I have things to do. Visit AI3.

Javantea out.


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