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by Javantea
Nov 3, 2016

I spent a little time in the past week porting one of my blogs to Python using Django. If the website looks similar to these four blogs, it's because they are all the same codebase with a handful of tweaks to make it possible to unify them with my other blogs and journals. While they aren't all ported yet, I thought I'd write a quick blog to explain things. For a decade and a half, I've been blogging on a PHP website I wrote in 2002 for Javantea's Fate and improved over time. In 2011, I wrote a blog in Python with Django for my trip to Brasil. When I went to Mexico, I copied the blog and created a second database. When I bought for fun and profit (not really), I first put up a copy of with some interesting things in its place. Then when I wanted to turn it into a blog, I copied the Brasil blog and made a third database. Now that I finally want to unify my blogs, it makes perfect sense to simply use the same thing, but copy all the data from the all the blogs into a single database. It's so well-written, that I didn't really need a really bad intro page anymore. So now goes to that unified blog interface. There's a lot of logic that makes it happen, but I'll leave that unsaid.

Of all my travels, only one trip is not available on my unified blog. I decided to use MediaWiki for my Europe Blog and spammers destroyed that blog, so I don't have easy access to the data. Eventually I'll grab the data and post it to this blog. For now, the pictures and videos will do. You have to click on the videos to get them.

Comments were a fairly big part of my blogs though not for the reason you're thinking. Few people actually really interacted with my comments, but a ton of hackers and spammers flooded my comments in a feeble attempt to improve their pagerank, advertise, deface my site, cause problems for me, or whatever. Soon, I'll release the archives as a torrent and you'll be able to look up IP addresses that I caught in the comments section of my website. I will put up comments as soon as I find the time.

Next steps in the whole blog thing will probably to post a few blogs. The search for this site only searches AltSci Cell posts while the other search works for all blogs.

Since this whole blog thing has being going on since I was 20, it contains some interesting stuff about me. Since it isn't huge, I hope some people will make a copy of it in case something happens to my website. All of my backups except for the live one is encrypted, which means that if I forget a few passwords and my server fails, everything goes. That's one of the problems with encrypting everything, but that's the trust I'm putting in crypto and multiple backups. This site will go down at some point, but hopefully things will make it fairly long lived.

Should I open source this blog? It's simple, it's working, it supports Python 2 and Python 3, and it's pretty secure. The same thing can be said of the open source blog by Django themselves. They'll probably support their blog longer than I plan to support mine.

I enjoyed playing Oxenfree while writing this. I got cheap it as part of this Humble Bundle.

Javantea out.




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