by Javantea
Dec 24, 2012

AI3 is officially in beta. Hooray! Start testing when you get a free minute. Send any bug reports to me. I am so excited to work on them and respond to you.

What is AI3? The way that I usually describe it is like an inverse thesaurus. Instead of finding a synonym or antonym for a word, you find the most likely word to put afterward and the context of that word. You can also find sentences that use two words. If you're stuck on a word, check out a few hundred uses of that word. Unlike Google, most of the results are not sorted by popularity. They're sorted by position in the database.

If you haven't gotten an e-mail from me, send me an e-mail and I'll forward the e-mail that went to everyone I could think of. Until then, go forth and discover!

Have a Merry Christmas and a happy holiday.

Javantea out.


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