AltSci is Hiring

Aug 28, 2009

The job market is indeed quite fierce and the candidates are qualified. It is perfect timing to be hiring, and so AltSci Concepts is hiring a Programmer. I'm going through the right channels (Craigslist, $25) and I'm reading up on effective interviewing techniques of the pros. I guess I really am serious about this.

If I don't find a person, then I definitely have something wrong with my HR Model. My original essay involved paying a person to do work and judging their performance. When you have 6 candidates, paying each a reasonable sum of money only steals money from the one who wins. If the one who wins doesn't pass the HR model test (while being paid), the HR model can move on to the next candidate. I don't see why that wouldn't work.

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July 20, 2009

I was thinking that maybe the reason I am so long winded in my blogs is the same reason that I have a long password. Security demands that a password that is being constantly attacked and never defended must be stronger than the possibility of an attacker finding the password. How does that relate to blogs? Blogs are information, a strength of intelligent monologue can tell a real person from a fake one. A blog that includes a single video and the words in the box below is indistinguishable from a spam. A spam takes a fraction of a second to create when properly automated. Spams cost so little that even when they are blocked by 90% of users, 10% is still enough to turn a profit. Think about that for a second. In a capitalist society profit is the motive force deciding business decisions. Long term, short term, it's all part of the same game. A spammer can overlook a million people who have lost 5 seconds to their scheme for ten measly bucks so long as the spammer turns a profit. Ethics is where spam fails, but profit is where spam succeeds. Many, many people are able to overlook the means for the ends. Whenever someone says that the ends justifies the means, think about spam. Philosophy discusses right and wrong and whether ends are able to justify the means. Of course the great philosophical debates of the ages have shown time and again that people cannot agree on the base moral and ethical foundations of our civilization. Philosophers doubly so.

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AltSci Language AI 0.5

July 12, 2009

  • Learn Language Faster
  • Learn Any Language commonly used
  • Make Friends on Twitter
  • Learn About Any Topic
  • Understand Trends
  • Free (Open Source)
  • Easy to Use

AltSci Language AI 0.5 is a free and open source website to learn to read languages quicker than other methods. It takes topics that the user finds interesting and presents conversations on Twitter that include them. Each conversation is translated into English*. This way you can learn the language of your choice while you learn more about how people use words in that language. The histogram on the left shows the frequency of words in the conversations.

* Only the most common language used is translated. Some searches might not get translated. If this happens, try again or use Google Translate.

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July 4, 2009

An incredible anniversary is upon us and we celebrate here in the desert with plans and ideas of incredible creative and motive forces. Whether those forces are for good or evil depends on us. We will choose the ends to which these means bring us. Toorcamp is a very Mad Max post apocalyptic scene. Hackers (cyberpunks) fight to survive in the desert of Eastern Washington. This society where money is not nearly as valuable as what you have and what people need is sometimes backwards but almost always logical when thought of as a semi-stable chaos. But the words that I chose above are far different from the actuality of the camp. The mood is festive. People are happy, generous, interested in one another, caring, and very responsible. But wait! How could a hacker con not be complete mayhem? Put 300 poorly adjusted hackers into a barb-wire fenced area with strict rules against freedom, deny them their bare essentials and watch them destroy everything in the world. But wait, we have electricity, internet for 80% of the conference, audio, visual, shelter for 99% of the participants, and the freedom to permanently remove yourself from the enclosed area. These things turn this enraged mob into a passive, meditative, contemplative, beautiful group of people.

But wait, where are the women at? Alas the gender ratio is fairly bleak. The first girl I met at Toorcamp was a reporter who didn't understand the differences between the various shades of hackers to even ask something complex. Oh, she's good and smart, but what I'm saying is that reporters cannot change the gender balance. Perhaps smallish hacker conferences can only ever attract a small subset of everyone which further dissuades women to participate? Anyway, I am in the barn right now at a table with 5 guys. In the room there are 3-4 women (some people I can't tell due to angle) and 18 guys. All women are currently meditating in the meditation workshop. If gender doesn't matter to hackers, why does gender disparity matter to hackers? A group of guys that cannot talk to women about the subject of their passion will find all kinds of incredibly difficult conversations. I know this from experience. I can say UDP to girls in the hacker scene but when I say that to anyone outside the technology loop, I might as well be talking Greek. Should I care whether people understand wtf I'm talking about? Every group that cannot communicate is doomed to fail at passing their memes to the general populous.

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