Nov 16

For your eyes only.

Nov 16 a guitar high
Nov 16 b guitar low
Nov 16 c bass
Nov 16 d piano

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Phreebird First Impressions

Nov 12, 2010

If you haven't heard yet, Dan Kaminsky released Phreebird-1.0 yesterday at Blackhat Abu Dhabi. It is beta software that is designed to allow a DNS admin to setup DNSSEC in less than an hour. In my experience, setting up Phreebird on my system has taken less than an hour but has shown how awful the software is. It is not ready for prime time and it definitely has a lot of little work ahead of it. One might even question whether we should trust a security researcher to write good code. As a security researcher who puts great care into the software I write, I will most certainly say that security researchers are the perfect people to write code. We understand what needs to be done and "real" programmers can always make it better once we've got it working right. And when "real" programmers make mistakes, we can always crash their code.

The tarball is awful. Has no one ever taught Dan Kaminsky how to tar a package for worldwide distribution? Anyway, minor gripe.

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Fixing your RockBand 2 Drum

Nov 2, 2010

You may be aware of my work on RockBand 2 Drum "drivers". If I had written my code as a kernel module (and it would likely be accepted into the mainline), it would be easy to call it a driver. However, I wrote it using libusb and ALSA, which makes it a userland program. I feel that I made the right design choice. ALSA libraries are low enough latency and libusb allows efficient use of interrupts, so it works quite well. Also, adding any complex code to the kernel that isn't totally necessary seems like a risky endeavor.

Anyway, that code is here: RockBand 2 Drum Instrument for Linux

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Sixteen Good Reasons To Love Xor ⊕

July 18, 2010

Xor is a binary operation that is versatile and not easily replaced. It represents a logical truth that is effective and seductive. Today I will give sixteen good reasons to love xor. If you are a computer scientist, programmer, or hacker and you don't use xor from time to time, you are doing something wrong.

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