Skip Duolingo

Skipping levels in Duolingo after you've already done the test that places you in the level it thinks you should go is quite easy. With three steps and a bit of skill in the language you're learning (or some cheating) you can increase the difficulty of Duolingo to an absurd level.

Step 1: Scroll down the tree and click "Jump Here?"

Duolingo skip step 1

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June 17, 2023

Tegula A 15 tile puzzle game

In 2020 I wrote Tegula. Yesterday I released it. Please take a look.

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Long 18

Mar 24, 2023

Long 18 binary patch [sig]
Long 18 TetrisGYM patch [sig]

I wrote a small change to TetrisGYM for the NES and flashed it to my flash chip, put it into my CNROM board, and into my original unmodified NES, and played it. The video is below.

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Flash Programmer

Mar 24, 2023

Tonight I finished a major electronics project that will no doubt bring joy to many people. While I could have spent $101.55 on a reliable universal programmer1 and been done weeks ago, I decide to go the build-it-myself route and see where it led me. I used these instructions.

Flash programmer hooked up to logic analyzer

The necessary disclaimer at the start of any cool project notes: this took me way too long to get working and buying would have taught me almost nothing about electronics. But if you are not ready to learn things you didn’t want to know, I recommend buy or don’t attempt instead of following my path.

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