0-days, viruses, and linux

Hi there,

I talked with some cool people tonight. I wanted to just chat about some fun stuff. Rap is an interesting genre. There are plenty of good artists, but none of the famous artists are very good in my opinion. I mean, how is that even possible? It's something that has to do with the way that business and urban music happens. I'm not qualified to explain it.

I was made aware of a virus on a computer that I had access to. I looked around to see if it was simple enough to just remove. It was extremely well entrenched. It was impossible to remove and had installed so many other viruses that it was practically a complete destruction of the machine. I blame Microsoft, but you're probably thinking that I'm biased. I am biased, but I am also a quite authoritative source of information. Those who don't believe my opinion can explain away. Go right ahead. A technical user visits a website using IE6. They are immediately (without clicking) infected with dozens of viruses unremovable. All of these are the fault of Microsoft. The specific keywords that I found in my research of this virus are too numerous to display, but here's a few: C:\windows\system32\core.sys func.exe func.js. Avast seemed to understand a few of the viruses, but was not able to remove the virus. This is obviously past the limit of virus protection. It is a sign of the times that Microsoft is not secure against viruses.

Linux does not have many viruses because it is engineered much differently. It has been designed to avoid easy exploitation. I will write a virus for Linux in the next month to show how awfully difficult it will be. If you're interested, keep tuned in. I'll be using it at Defcon ACTF.

I want to work on Small Wide World, but I've been working on other stuff. Hopefully I'll have a good blog article for you about SWW this week.

Talking to people is cool. There is a limit to what you can talk about with a lot of people. Some people take offense easily. Some people are really interested in stuff. When you find someone who's willing to talk, you talk. Blogs are different though, sometimes you talk like you're talking to customers. Other times you say too much. Some times you say something that you regret. But that's just talk. Talk is cheap. What you care about is what matters.

-- Javantea


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