no means no.
or maybe you didn't hear.
You may or may not be aware that I've been drawing a series of manga-style images based on Emo and Open Source Software. Now you know. The above image was drawn tonight based on emo and OpenSSH.

As I suspected, I made a bit of progress on Small Wide World. Check out the new layout. The coolest thing that I did (besides getting a proper star topology from a demo MySpace map) is released the Dodgeball generator. Tell me if it works for you! You can buy the software confident that I will continue to make progress on it as fast as you'll want to use it.

If you saw the kanji on the jacket, it has special meaning. If you're learning kanji, you should definitely learn this one. I made it an image on purpose so that people would wonder and would have to read this little snippet. The answer is below, but don't select it unless you want to give away the meaning.

当て [あて] (n) object, aim, end, hopes, expectations (P)